Reference Manual


Common Questions,  discussions, tutorials.

Mailing Lists

Communication, discussion and decision making within the Red5 project is primarily done through mailing lists.


We created an IRC channel on the network for informal Red5 discussions, asking questions or just hanging out and “socializing”.

The channel is #red5 on

Drop by if you are interested in the development of Red5, have a quick question or just want to get to know the people developing and using it. If you’re new to IRC, be sure to learn how to get answers.

Professional Services

For commercial support, customization, integration, and additional features beyond the open source project please contact:

Infrared5 is a Boston based interactive studio that specializes in Red5 application development.
Learn More (

iMDT is a professional services company in Brazil that contribute to development of red5 and has  professionals with high-level skills on Red5 technology.